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Information sources parents use to learn about the special needs of their children

24% Chats of parents (WhatsApp)
19% Blogs on social networks (Instagram, Facebook, VK, etc.)
17% Articles suggested by Google
11% Stories from acquaintances and friends
7% Verified medical websites
9% Doctors
6% Public funds and associations (NGOs)
3% Chats of neighbors and friends
3% Television
1% Movies

Preferred format of the materials

75 Videos
45 Short texts
43 Full texts (articles)
24 Infographics
4 Audiobooks

Thematic interests

Blogs and personal stories of parents
List of available public services
Scientific articles and recommendations for child’s development
Description of diagnoses
Advice on registering disability by state
Information about early intervention
Reviews of useful books on child development
How to identify developmental deviations
Standards and norms for children’s development
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